Jealousy and Greed

Jealousy I can understand in some cases like if you’re in a relationship but it shouldn’t go too far. I feel like we all get jealous of someone else no matter what the situation. We get jealous of his/her things, looks, friends, relationship, etc. I feel like we all take what we already have for granted and we are constantly dwelling on what we don’t have. You cannot say you’re happy with everything you have unless you haven’t had much at all, because those are the people who are truly grateful and don’t question what they have because it’s not the best.

Greed I don’t really understand I mean why be so selfish and self centered that you NEED something that isn’t a necessity. I mean you’re sitting here crying because you don’t get the new iPhone that is coming out when the kid that you make fun of in the hallway doesn’t have a phone and doesn’t get everything that he/she actually needs. I’m so tired of how selfish kids are nowadays, rubbing what they have in another kids face and complaining because they don’t get what they want. I feel like greed is a normal thing among most kids now because it’s like always having the best things makes people like you more. The fact the people are just friends with people now because of what they have now is ridiculous, I hate it.


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